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OpenROV v2.8 Kit

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OpenROV v2.8 Kit

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Introducing the all-new version 2.8

We are really excited to tell you about the new version of OpenROV. The team here in conjunction with the community members and contributors on the forums have put together an amazing tool that builds on all the successes of the 2.7. Firstly, we focused on improving the build process to make it more enjoyable and straightforward. It's faster and easier but doesn't take out any of the fun stuff. We've added more ways to hack, build, and explore with your own OpenROV such as being able to wire directly to additional servo and PWM channels. It's never been easier to hack or modify an underwater robot.

Second, the 2.8 is reliable and rugged in the field. We've increased the thickness of the main acrylic tube so it can now stream live HD video to your laptop from a maximum recommended depth of 100m. A redesign of the endcaps leads to less leaks and o-ring failures while allowing for quick battery changes when your hands are wet, dirty, and/or cold. A broader and more balanced chassis will keep the OpenROV stable in more turbulent conditions. Optimizations across all aspects of the version 2.8 has further increased the weight budget for add-ons and modifications to 6oz. (170g) without the need for flotation.

Ultimately, we hope that the OpenROV 2.8 is the DIY underwater ROV of your dreams. We're very, very eager to follow what you see and do with it on the forums and OpenExplorer!